Frequently Asked Questions

Can a customer pay with a debit card?
Yes! A retailer can take payment from a player with a debit or credit card at their own discretion. The New Hampshire Lottery does not have any restrictions on this. In fact, it may be to the retailer’s advantage if the customer is buying other items and does not have cash. 
Can I let my employees play tickets while they’re on duty?
The Lottery asks that employees not play the lottery while on duty. Though each store must set its own policy regarding if and when store employees may purchase lottery tickets, it is strongly encouraged that employees not play while working. Allowing employees to play while working raises suspicion of fraud by players and impacts a retailer’s and the Lottery’s integrity. 
How do I change my bank account from which the Lottery funds are pulled?
You will need to contact the Lottery, 603-271-3391. 
How do I find what I should have for my instant ticket inventory?
  1. From Main Screen, Select: ADMIN
  2. From ADMIN screen, Select: INSTANT GAME MENU
I am selling my business, what do I need to do regarding lottery?
You need to contact the Lottery, 603-271-3391 at least two weeks prior to the sale.
How do I get into training mode on the Lottery terminal?
  1. Make sure terminal is signed on
  2. From Main Screen, Select:  ADMIN
  3. Select:  UTILITIES
  4. Select:  TRAINING MODE and, on the pop-up window that appears, Select: OK to confirm your choice---the terminal goes into the signed-off state of the training mode and the desktop turns green to indicate mode is enabled.
  5. 2-DIGIT ID (31) and four-digit passcode (9999)
  6. To exit the training mode and re-enter the normal operation mode please repeat the above steps.
Can I order supplies from my terminal?
  1. From Main Screen, Select:  ADMIN
  2. From ADMIN, Select UTILITIES
  3. ONLINE SUPPLIES CALL ME (a helpdesk rep will call within 24 hours)
  4. OR;  Contact Retailer Hotline 24 hours/7 days a week at 1-877-809-7966
  5. OR;  Contact your Sales Representative
Why can’t I activate a pack of tickets?
  1. Shipment may not have been RECEIVED yet; check INVENTORY DETAIL REPORT
  2. BAM limited reached; call NH Lottery @ 603-271-3391 Open Monday-Friday 8-4 
I received an error message, “Game Expired. No Prizes Available.” What do I do?
  1. DO NOT pay the customer
  2. Tickets are only valid for ONE YEAR after the game has closed
What happens if I don’t have enough money to pay my bill?
The bank will notify the Lottery of the EFT return and Lottery will contact you for payment.  Payment will include penalties and will need to be sent in the form of a certified bank check within two business days.
What prize amounts am I obligated to pay as a Lottery retailer?
  • Paying winning tickets to a customer benefits a retailer by putting cash in the hands of the very people who will spend it in your store. It also reinforces that you run a winning “lucky” store and builds player loyalty, so customer will purchase all their tickets from you rather than from a competitor.
  • Retailer can pay winning tickets up to and including $599. Winning tickets of $600 and great must be claimed at Lottery Headquarters. 
  • For retailers that carry a limited amount of cash, the Lottery gaming system provides you with a specific dollar amount to set and by setting that amount, a prompt will display when a winning ticket is presented at that amount or higher. That dollar amount is set by a manager at your location.
  • Retailers do have the option to pay a player by check or money order rather than paying with cash. However, please check with your customer first to see if that is an acceptable form of payment before validating the ticket. Putting cash in the hands of your customer is best!
What report do I run on Sunday morning to see how much the Lottery is going to pull out of my account? When is it pulled?
You will need to view your Current Weekly Invoice.  To view touch ADMIN, FINANCIAL REPORT or manager reports (provide your manager ID and password), select Current Weekly Invoice.  The total amount due is what Lottery will pull from your bank account.  Your funds need to be in the account by 2:00 pm on Monday. 
What should I do if I have scratch tickets stolen?
  • Call the Lottery during business hours (8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday) at 1-800-852-3324 and speak with our security department. After Lottery business hours, call the Intralot Help Desk Hotline at 1-877-809-7966. A call to either location will result in a stolen ticket report. Following the report, the Lottery’s computer system will flag scratch tickets as stolen to prevent thieves from cashing the tickets.
  • You will need to report the exact games and ticket numbers that were stolen.  You will also want to file a police report to start an investigation.
When do new instant games come out?
New instant games generally are launched the first Monday of the month, though this may vary due to holidays. 
Why do I need a dedicated electrical outlet for my Lottery terminal?
A dedicated electrical outlet is required for the communication of your Lottery equipment. Not having a dedicated outlet may cause communications errors with your terminal. 


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