Update regarding NH Lottery website restoration


On Thursday, August 25, the NH Lottery’s third-party hosting provider experienced a cyber-attack, which impacted the NH Lottery’s website, NHLottery.com. The attack resulted in the creation of a banner/pop-up intending to get users to click and download a .zip file.

Once the attack was identified, we took immediate action. As a precaution, NHLottery.com was offline while we investigated this issue, but the site was back up and running with enhanced security measures, as of Saturday, August 27, at 1:24 AM. Both NH iLottery and the NH Lottery app are also back up and running. We are confident this attack did not impact any player data, nor compromise the integrity of our gaming platforms.

However, we recommend taking the following steps if you visited our website and any of the following scenarios apply to you:

  1. If you clicked on the banner/pop-up link you may have downloaded a .zip file, please delete this file and empty your computer’s Trash/Recycle Bin.
  2. If you clicked on or launched any of the files within this .zip file, please install and run antivirus/malware scanner to remove any questionable files off your computer. We recommend the following free tools:
    1. AVG Free for AntiVirus
    2. Malwarebytes Free for Malware
  3. If you logged into your NH iLottery account any time from the late evening of Thursday (8/25) until the website was taken offline on the morning of Friday (8/26), we do suggest you update your NH iLottery password. Here is an FAQ item that explains the process: https://www.nhlottery.com/FAQs#How-To-Change-Your-Password
  4. Please update your password on any other website you may use this Username and Password combination for.

In limited instances, some website visitors may experience issues accessing the new website. This is due to our website being on a new server.

Others using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers may see a warning message when they try to access our website. There is no safety risk—but the cyber-attack did trigger Google’s review process, which could take several days to complete. Visitors will likely continue to see the warning message until the review process is completed.

We’ll continue to address player and partner questions as they arise.

We also are working with our hosting provider and have initiated an investigation into this incident.

Lottery ticket sales in stores statewide were unaffected throughout the issue.

We will continue to keep our players and partners posted.